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Compte à rebours "Noch" date de sortie
Compte à rebours des jours restants avant la sortie de Noch.

Genres : Adventure, Indie
Plateformes : PC (Microsoft Windows)

Go alone (or with a friend) to find the girl who destroyed the world. An ominous surreal first-person adventure full of dangerous monsters and secrets of the deceased world

Let's start!

Imagine… Night. You’re in a car, lost among endless forest on a highway. Perhaps you will desperately try to escape... Try not to lose hope. You were in hurry to get somewhere. But does it matter now?

After all, Lisa has already destroyed the world and our reality has become unsteady, like a dream. All around, or maybe only around you, was an unimaginably thick sparkling black-blue haze with no end. The worst thing happens - an animal being scared to death by jumping to the road from the forest.

Crash. You are alive. You have to get out of the broken car and face what the time-changing reality has prepared for you. Welcome to the worst! And remember, waiting for dawn is useless, but death will not bring salvation...

Can you survive if the nature of things as they are is destroyed? And what will you do if you meet the one that is hard to remember and impossible to forget? The one responsible for the endless night and darkness?

Your adventure begins!

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