"Gravity Mastery"
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Genres : Indie, Puzzle
Plateformes : PC (Microsoft Windows)

A perspective-disorienting puzzler where the definition of down is yours to decide. Change to flow of gravity to complete each of The Adviser's varied, but logical tests. Can you become proficient enough to control the six directions and master gravity?

The current master of gravity, The Adviser, has created a gauntlet of trials to test all those who believe that they are deserving of being the new master of gravity. Any and all challengers are welcome to try their hands and engage their mind in the worlds devised to confuse and disorient.

The rules are simple. Each trial consists of several red cubes and green spheres. Once every red cube simultaneously contains a green sphere, then the trial has been successfully completed.

- Campaign - A series of hand-crafted levels with a progressing level of difficulty.

- Compounding Game Mechanics - Compete in levels with an ever-expanding list of possible game mechanics.

- Time Trial - Race against the clock to beat the par time for a level in time trial mode.

- Minimalistic Art - An art style where every resource at your disposal is visually apparent and clearly defined.

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